VICTOR VC60B+ Digital Insulation Resistance Tester

4,500.00 ৳ 





Model: VC60B+

Measuring Voltage: 50V±10% 500V±10% 1000V±10%

Insulation Range: 0.1MΩ~20 MΩ 0.1MΩ~50 MΩ 0.1MΩ~100 MΩ 20MΩ~500 MΩ 50MΩ~1000 MΩ 100MΩ~2000 MΩ

Accuracy: ±(4%+2)

Current of Short Circuit: 1.8mA 1.8mA 1.6mA

Median Resistance: 2MΩ 2MΩ 5MΩ, Terminal Position: L & E

Voltage Test(AC750V) Accuracy: ±(1.0% of reading + 6 digits)

Input Impendance: 1MΩ, Frequency Response: (50~200) Hz, Terminal Position: ACV & G

Alarm Function Red indicator light is illuminated

Low Battery Indication: Yes, Over Load Indication: Yes, Unit Symbol Display: Yes, Auto Power Off: Yes,

Max. Display: 1999

Over Range Display: “1”

Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃

Relative Humidity: 30%RH~85%RH

Power: 9V,6 x AA/1.5V battery (Included)


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