Clamp Meter Victor VC 6016B+

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This meter uses large scale integration and unique function circuits. It can measure AC Voltage, DC Voltage, AC Current, resistance, diode, frequency, temperature and fulfill audible . With the function of phase indication and identifying live-wire, this clamp meter is an ideal instrument for electricians.
General Specifications:
Display: 3.5 digital LCD with a MAX reading of 1999, Auto polarity display
Measure method: double integral A/D switch inplement
Sampling speed: 2 times per second
Over-load indication: “1”is displayed
operating Envionment: 0oC~40oC,at<80%RH
Storage Environment: -10oC~50oC,at<85%RH
Low battery indication: support
Static electticity: anout 4mA
Clamp dimension: 25mm for open jaw; 35mm for inner diameter
Technical specifications:
The accuracy Below is within one year after its test when leaving factory, and the temperature range is 23oC±5oC,at<75% relative humidity.
AC Current:
Range AC2A Resolution 1mA Accuracy ±2.5%+10d)
Range AC20A Resolution 10mA Accuracy ±2.5%+10d)
Range AC200A Resolution 100MA Accuracy ±2.5%+10d)
Range AC600A Resolution 1A Accuracy ±2.5%+10d)
Note: test lead under measure should be put uprightly in the center of clamp sensor, or accuracy will be affected.
DC&AC Voltage:
Range DC20V Resolution 10mV Accuracy ±0.8%+3d)
Range DC600v Resolution 1V Accuracy ±1.0%+3d)
Range AC600v Resolution 1V Accuracy ±1.2%+5d)
Input Impedance: ≥10MΩ
Range 2KΩ Resolution 1Ω Accuracy ±1.0%+4d)
Range 200KΩ Resolution 100Ω Accuracy ±1.0%+4d)
Range 2MΩ Resolution 1KΩ Accuracy ±1.0%+4d)
Overload Protection: 250V DC/AC virtual value
Phase Indication (50Hz)
Range: AC380V±10%, Phase indication: OK/Reversal/MISS, Accuracy ±3%
Live Wire Test
Range: 180V~400V, Live wire detect: LIGHT or LCD indication


Item specifics

  • Model Number:VC6016B+
  • Display Type:Digital Only
  • Measuring Capacitance Range:Refer to SPEC
  • Operating Temperature:0 – 40
  • Dimensions:17.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm
  • Measuring Inductance Range:Refer to SPEC
  • DIY Supplies:Electrical
  • Measuring Voltage Range:20V/600V/600V
  • Weight:0.4kg
  • Measuring Current Range:2A/20A/200A/600A
  • Measuring Resistance Range:2Kohm/200Kohm/2Mohm


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