Pocket Multimeter UT120A

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– The UNI-T UT120A Pocket Size Type Digital Multimeter is an ideal device for all-round electrical testing. It is capable of measuring AC and DC voltages of up to 600 volts in four measurement ranges, and of measuring AC and DC currents of up to 400mA in four measurement ranges.
– Additionally, this UNI-T UT120A Pocket Size Type Digital Multimeter can be used to measure resistance of up to 40 mega ohms in six measurement ranges, and capacitance of up to 100 micro farads in six measurement ranges. What’s more, this multimeter can measure frequencies of between 10HZ and 10MHz.
– This pocket digital multimeter has a very simple user interface. There is a large dial in the centre of the body which is used to select what type of measurement you require, and to turn the device on and off. Above the dial are four buttons which are all clearly labelled. The screen is at the top of the body, making controlling the various functions of the device easy.
– This electrical multimeter has a range of impressive features that make the process of obtaining measurements as quick and efficient as possible. The multimeter has an automatic power-off function, which activates when the device is left unused for 30 minutes. Additionally, it has a data HOLD function and a relative mode. It also has a continuity buzzer, which sounds when consistency is detected.
Power:3V Battery (CR2032) Included
LCD Size: 43mmx22mm


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