Lux Meter VC1010D

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VICTOR1010D  Intelligent automaticly LCD digital display Lux Meter
1.Spectral response in line with international standards CIE Lighting Association.
2.Measure range: 0.1Lux~200000Lux.
3.Resolution up to 0.1Lux.
4.High accuracy, fast response.
5 Automatic conversion range, when measured value higher than the current limit on the range
or lower than the 8 percent limit on the range next eight percent, meters automatically switch
range for quick and easy.
6.Cosine point of incident light automatic corrections
7.Hold function of Max. Measurement
8.Relative value measurements
9.No signal input, automatic data back to zero.
10.10 minutes automatic power off
Large LCD display, makes it easy for users to read data.
Technical data
Resolution  Accuracy
0.1~200.0Lux  0.1Lux  ±3%rdg+3Lux
200~2000Lux  1Lux  ±2%rdg+2Lux
2000~20000Lux(reading ×10)  10Lux  ±3%rdg+8Lux
20000~50000Lux(reading ×100)  100Lux  ±4%rdg+10Lux
>50000Lux(reading ×100)  Just for referenc

General Characters
1.4 digit LCD display, the word high 19 mm
2.Photographic components: silicon-film battery of filters
3.Color temperature is 2856 k PLANE lights standard calibration
4.Battery: 9V(6F22)
5.Product dimension:135(L)×74(W)×30(H)mm
6.Optical detector:106(L)×54(W)×28(H)mm
7.Lead-detector length:150cm
8.Weight: Approx: 183g(not including battery


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